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5 Truck Maintenance Tips

Whether you've just purchased a new pickup truck or have owned one for several years, routine maintenance is critical for keeping your truck in peak condition. Regular maintenance allows you to detect problems early on before they become expensive and complex. If you want to know five of the most important maintenance tips for trucks, keep on reading!

Filter And Oil Changes

Checking the oil is one of the most important truck maintenance checks - or for any vehicle maintenance, to be exact. Oil is crucial to the work of your truck. Powerful engines, such as those found in trucks, require a lot of oil, and you could damage it if you let it run for too long without checking the levels. Oil should be changed every 7,500 miles or six months as a general rule (whichever comes first). While you are at it, also change the oil and fuel filters.

Frequent Suspension Check-Ups

Suspension is a very important part of vehicles, and that's a fact. But this especially applies to trucks because they are heavier and bigger. Oftentimes, they are even higher off the ground than normal cars - meaning they need extra durability in the suspension system. Make sure to check it frequently to avoid any unwanted damage or problems. Watch out for hydraulic oil leaks and broken springs - as well as weird squeaking noises.

Tire Rotation And Maintenance

Trucks have bigger wheels, therefore they can wear unevenly. Make sure you are getting the most out of your money by going in for tire rotations at least once per season or four times a year.

Keep The Storage Bed Clutter Free

Pickup trucks are normally used as transportation methods for materials and all sorts of other junk. If you want to improve the fuel economy and take a little bit off the suspension, be sure to free the storage bed of any excess clutter. 

Check On Any Dashboard Lights

Dashboard lights are a telltale sign of a problem. Whenever you spot a new light coming on, make sure to check it out at a repair shop. A single light can mean several things.

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