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Monthly Archives: March 2023

What Is a Coolant Flush?

What Is a Coolant Flush?

The cooling system in your car, SUV, or truck regulates the engine's temperature and prevents overheating. One of the most critical components of the cooling system is the coolant, also known as antifreeze. The coolant disperses through the engine and helps to scatter heat, ensuring that the engine operates at an optimal temperature. However, over time, the coolant can break down, become contaminated, and lose its effectiveness. To maintain a healthy cooling system, you must get coolant flushes when necessary. What is a Coolant Flush? A coolant flush is a procedure that involves emptying the old coolant from the cooling system and replacing it with fresh coolant. During a coolant flush, the system is also inspected for leaks, and the hoses and belts are checked for wear and tear. How Often Should You Get a Coolant Flush? The recommended interval for a coolant flush varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the type of coolant used. However, most manufa ... read more