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Monthly Archives: November 2022

Top 10 Most Important Car Maintenance Tips

Top 10 Most Important Car Maintenance Tips

Between work, family life, and all the other obligations that we have to juggle, it can be easy to put car care on the back burner. However, regular vehicle maintenance is more important to keep your vehicle reliable. Not only does maintenance keep your vehicle running, but it will make it last longer without costly repairs. It can even help you snag a better resale price or trade-in value. If these things matter to you, follow these 10 basic maintenance tips! Don’t skip factory-recommended services - Your car manufacturer has laid out the groundwork of everything you need to have done (and when to have them done) to your car to keep it running. All you have to do is commit to following it. These services may include replacing parts like spark plugs, fluids, and belts. Read your owner’s manual - These pages contain a great deal of information. It specifies fluids/parts your car needs, has instructions on how to diagnose problems, and how to use certain features in your ... read more